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In my forehead, a sheet of lead
was seeping through holes of power-hammers
My cracked spirit sank into a heavenly wave
A cloud of ether discharged the ballast
A rainbow with gloomy glints
emerged out of a split of velvet
then all veiled…
As if a lobotomy was overcoming me !
Since they have cut my tongue
Another ‘s walking in my head
Following the scattering
of misunderstood saliva
Cut hand grows up again longer
Tail of lizard tracked in a lemon clearness
Gouged out eyes are born again in my back
Eye of chameleon mottled in a rouge of meat
Hey Mary, have you bought the ten pounds
of tomatoes at the supermarket ?
My cracked spirit sank into a heavenly wave
Soon I’ll hear the sound of my life
Soon I’ll see the edge of my life
Soon I’ll sniff the smel of my life
I hope that I shall soon vomit


1. Wisdom
(R. De Greef - A. Letecheur)  

Sparkling Jaw

Blinded by the sun, the dying night
closed her eyes
Giants of concrete and glas
Blotted out the light from my eyes
New York City is a jungle without trees

Walking down the street
My spirit was dying
Waterlilies were fighting
New York is a jungle without tears

Step by step, a man like you and me
Followed his white funeral
A smiling lady pushed a luminous coffin
Into a dark yellow pushcart
Beggars and tramps were joking
Slaver on their lips
A crocodile was joining us
“You ‘re all my friends ” he said
“Don’t be afraid…”
“I only want to give you pleasure
And take a little thing from you…”
“Believe in me! I’m a man of repute”
Beggars and tramps were joking
Slaver on their lips
A crocodile was joining us
“You ‘re all my friends ” he said
“Don’t be afraid…”

Last night in Hong Kong
With my best friend Shung Long
I read a sparkling jaw
Fell back upon New York City
Beggars and tramps were joking
Slaver on their lips
A crocodile was joining us
“You ‘re all my friends ” he said
“Don’t be afraid…”
” I only want to give you pleasure
And take a little thing from you…”


2. Sparkling jaw
(R. De Greef - A. Letecheur)  


Some moments time pauses
We don’t know why or when
It surprises you
Hours slip by like sources
And we would like to drink
It is the death-struggle
Of the present time
And the room empties
Of everyday life
“Supper’s ready” we were listening to
one moment ago is fading away
What will remain from all these hours
And all those days which
Have branded our life
What will remain from all those things
We believed in so hard
There is behind my prayer of smog
Some crumbs of life which are frosted
In the ante-room of suicide
Some moments everything’s wonderful
And we are care free about the future
And then you carry me away
Into a strange night ballet
Oh time if you could only delay longer
And leave towards hap-hasards roads
Taken one morning
Sometimes we should like to roll
like a rock down in the water
And the fog to lift
Those fabulous moments are shortlived
And we wake up
With the delicious firefly ‘s song
Which mingles with colours
And the music goes on…
Like the river joins the ocean…


3. Moments
(M. Ysaye - R. De Greef - M. Ysaye)  

In The Reign Of Queen Pollution

After the death of king Oxygen the second
Queen Pollution assumed power
Submitting to the laws
The people of the earth
Wore night and day a gas-mask
Then thousand years later
The human race undergoes a mutation
The children are born
The face in form of gas-mask

Breaking my concrete cocoon
I’m born in the kingdom of queen Pollution
Breaking my lead egg
I’m born in the kingdom of queen Pollution
I’m born in the reign of queen Pollution

I’m born on a moutain of volcanoes
In the silence of a sigh
I’m dying of my birth,
And I don’t see birds around me
I don’t see a sky, I don’t see a light
But where is the sound of my cry ?
A bad hot air is burning my skin

But where are all the wenderful things
They told me in their stories ? ( Our stories )
I want to see a sky and see a light
But why’s nothing bright ?
I want to hear my cry and hear a lie
But why’s nothing right ?
I want to see a rainbow,
A rose and circles in the water
I want to feel the air,
I want to taste a smell

But where are all the wenderful things
They told me in their stories ? ( Our stories )

I’m born on a plain of a nuclear power station
I’m dying of my birthv But why’s a strange smell around me ?
And nobody who’s smoking cigarettes
And no children who chew chewing-gums

No sun rises in the reign
Of queen Pollution !


4. In the reign of queen pollution
(R. De Greef - A. Letecheur)  

The Jester

Coasting along the sail of the drunk boat
And only making laugh the mainmast of gold
The Jester loaded the hold
with sincere smiles
The froth was running ashore
On the right bank of the king’s ear…

Rowing across a secret ocean
The sun was not present in the trip
An albatros looking strangely
Like a vulture of ill omen
Followed the mad run of the ship
But suddenly, the rolling became
Harder and harder
Storm and sea broke !
Purple waves smashed the hull

Lying on fresh green grass
His friend, the minstrel
Was making love with a wild flower
“Take care L’Angely, the court
is waiting for you ! ”
Strolling into the garden
of the royal palace
The jester was going down
By this make-up of luxury

Envious of worldly smiles the king ordered
The jester to present his show
“Feeling, the queen wants thrills !”
“And make me smile, make me cry ! ”
Neither his mines not his pirouettes
Made a lip move
Powerless, he hanged himself
With a West madness –
The sail guffawed
“Feeling, the queen wants thrills…”

A mocking tear trickled
down his left cheek


5. The jester
(R. De Greef - A. Letecheur)  

Mr. Street Fair

“Do you hear the drums of your end
Of the world ?”
For hundred of years he had been
Journeying around the cold planet
With his magical merry-round
He was very far in his trajectory
His little chimerical roundabout chislessly
Orbited the earth to entertain the citizens
“Do you hear the drums of your end ?”
“Do you hear your end of the world ?”
It was always the same cold reflectssong
Coming across on the fourth ring
He wondered where that blue voice came from
Always that voice !
The rainbows and the sunrise containers
Were attracted to another place
“Well after all it stayed
Just the ruins and blocs of steel,
The only survivors of the catastrophe !”
They had always listened to him,
Why should they stop ?
Why should they stop now ?
He did not really understand
Why he was the only one left
All other men had been disintegrated
By the light of the trip
So why he, he and his merry-go-round ?
And yet, one day, all would cease
No one came to see him, no more
No one to listen to his song
had his roundabout broken down ?
And why did the rings stretch away
On another side ?
“Do you hear the drums
Of your end of the world ?”
All around him nothing, nothing left
Only emptiness…
He perceived from afar streets
Playing ball just like before
He saw the children of the Return
Building tall museums
Where they went to hear
Rock And Roll music
The music that came
From the nights of Time
He was going to meet
The end of his world !
As he went, he caught a glimps
Of a huge brazier
Which was belching out strange death machin
Their favourite daintiness
With his merry-go-round
Firmly fixed in his mind,
Sitting on a wooden horse, off he went…
But, he knew that he’d come back one day
After the next great killing was done !
For the last time, they could hear…


6. Mr. street fair
(M. Ysaye - A. Letecheur)  

Rock, Sea and tree

Hidden in the shelter of the winds of torment
A rock and a tree were riding high
On a current of infinite nebula
From time to time, the sea
With maternal gentleness
Caressed the dreamy lovers with her foam
You know tree, there is beneath me
The power of the infernal Gods
You see rock, above me
Billions of angels in heavenly chorus
We are the power and the glory edified
To defy all men and all Gods
The platinum armour we erected
In the wisdom of the third wave
Will never die
Jupiter and Neptune hearing these
Defiant words call together
The paranoid counsel
The first time they had made council
The Cyclope was defeated
For the glory of Ulyesses
They sent their strength and transcendant power
From the depth of the sea
And the height of the heavens

Thoughtless of the future, the rock and tree
Contemplated the sea

The slave, the sea, brought to’them
Magical fairy food and the cool wellbeing
Of the garden of Eden
The lovers turned their eyes
Towards the West
And low and behold on the horizon
The sea rising in a violent rage
Racing forward in a murderous folie
The sky black and heavy
Weighing upon this cataclysm
Which surged in fury
To annihilate the innocents
“Look the sea !
What does she want of us?”
“She ‘s going to destroy !
Stop sea ! Stop it ! ”
But she fell upon them in thunderous roar
And in seconds they were no more !

They felt torn apart
In the depths of sorrow
And that bitter truth which was theirs
What remained the atrocious spectacle
To perceive each other thousands of miles apart
Separated by myriods of vengeful crystals
Which banished them forever
From the garden of Eden
“Do you know why I’m floating”
Cried the rock to the tree
Who felt oppressed by tons of evil liquid
The tree was silent
There was nothing to say

In another place, a tiny stone and a tree shoot
Were grooving together
And eternally they repeat these words :
“Jupiter, Neptune, and you the sea
Your wish will never be…”


7. Rock, sea and tree
(M. Ysaye - A. Letecheur)  


8. The birds are gone (1974 previously unreleased - 1993 CD reedition)
(M. Ysaye)  


9. I'm nowhere (1974 previously unreleased - 1993 CD reedition)
(M. Ysaye)  

Title : Jester
Year : 1977
Label : EMI
Product type : Vinyl album
CD release : 1993


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